“Though there is no a shortage of Southern rock bands, few have the edge and darkness The Steel Woods bring to the table…”Saving Country Music | http://bit.ly/savingcountrymusictsw

“Broad-shouldered Southern rock with a ton of heart, delivered with the expected outlaw twang and undeniable soul.” Magnet | http://bit.ly/magnetmagazine

“The Steel Woods have the right blend of vocals, musicianship, and superb songwriting, delivering a terrific album. They are a band to watch, and by all accounts, a great band to hear live.” Glide Magazine | http://bit.ly/glidemagazineoldnews

“15 tracks go from pure Southern rock, to stripped down country, to country metal hybrids, and a bunch of covers that are hard to quit hitting repeat on, and that all come together for what will go down as a career-defining record.”Saving Country Music | http://bit.ly/savingcountrymusic

“Torchbearers for a new generation of Southerners raised on rock, country, soul and everything in between.” Wide Open Country | http://bit.ly/wideopencountryoldnews