After 8 unforgettable years of touring, we have made the decision to come off the road at the end of 2024, closing this chapter of our lives on a good note.

When Rowdy and I first met and started playing together back in 2015, we had many conversations about what the future would hold for us as a band, and as individuals. We would discuss the kind of music we wanted to create, the impact we wanted to make, and the experiences we hoped to share with all of you. The one thing we always agreed was most important was that there is a sense of purpose in everything we do. Now, the prideful side of me would say that after all these miles down the road, we’ve knocked it out of the park in that regard.

But so much has changed in the last few years. Rowdy passing in 2021 was such an incredible loss on every level. Picking up and carrying the music on has seemed like the right thing to do, although continuing what he started without him has not been easy in the least.

The past few months have especially been a game changer for me, focusing more on writing, spending more time at home, and getting back in church. I’m closer to God now than I’ve ever been and I’m seeing things more clearly than I’ve ever seen them. The Bible talks about the ones that are neither cold nor hot being lukewarm and that’s been me for a really long time. I’ve found that things become easier when we stop trying to justify what we do in search of personal gain and start seeking God’s will for our lives and truly trusting in him to make a way and lead us through it. True peace is found in the understanding that our only purpose on earth is to glorify the one who created us.

To each and every one of you who have been a part of this wild ride, we can’t thank you enough. Your unwavering love and support have been the fuel to our fire for so long. From lending a hand to fix our broken buses, to sharing your stories about what our songs have meant to you, to simply buying a t-shirt or ticket to a show knowing it puts food on our tables, you’ve made this journey unforgettable. We mean it when we say we love you!

We invite you to join us on the road in our final year to celebrate the music and moments we’ve made together. All shows in the USA are still on, but we are not able to join Blackberry Smoke in the UK or Europe this fall. More show announcements and details on the year will be added soon.

With love and gratitude,

Wes Bayliss


04.25 | Rocky Mount, VA | (w/ Low Water Bridge Band)

04.26 | Charles Town, WV | (w/ Low Water Bridge Band)

04.27 | Nashville, TN | (Cody Jinks)

05.02 | Orange Beach, AL | (Cody Jinks)

05.04 | Wilmington, NC | (Cody Jinks)

05.17 | Los Angeles, CA

05.18 | Santa Barbara, CA | (Cody Jinks)

05.19 | Bakersfield, CA | (Cody Jinks)

05.31 | Maryville, TN | (w/Bones Owens, Olivia Wolf)

06.01 | Maryville, TN | (w/ Darrell Scott, Olivia Wolf)

06.22 | Filer, ID – Gordy’s HWY 30 Fest| (Reckless Kelly)

06.28 | New Braunfels, TX (Reckless Kelly)

06.29 | Shreveport, LA

07.04 | Lexington, KY

07.05 | Madison, IN | (Blackberry Smoke, Erin Viancourt)

07.26 | Tulsa, OK

07.27 | Oklahoma CIty, OK

08.01 | St. Louis, MO | (Cody Jinks)

08.02 | Columbia, MO | (w/ Calder Allen)

08.03 | Kansas City, MO | (Cody Jinks)

08.09 | Omaha, NE